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Automatic completion of low-voltage circuit breaker action test
Jan 12, 2018

Switch mechanical properties tester, also known as high-voltage switch mechanical properties tester, switch mechanical properties tester, high-voltage switch tester, suitable for a variety of indoor and outdoor less oil, more oil switch, vacuum switch, sulfur hexafluoride switch Of the dynamic characteristics of the test, the market is now common Huatian HTGK-IV high-voltage switch dynamic characteristics tester, the main features are: product features

     1, time: 12 fracture of the inherent points, closing time, with the same period, phase to phase over the same period.

2, reclosing: high-voltage switch dynamic characteristics of the tester each fracture combined - points, points - together, points - together - minutes; process time: a time, a time, two hours, gold short time, no current time value.

3, bounce: each fracture bounce time, the number of bouncing, bouncing process, bounce waveform; each fracture opening rebound amplitude.

4, speed: just points, just on speed, maximum speed, time - travel curve.

5, itinerary: total travel, open distance, over travel, overshooting, rebound amplitude.

6, the current: points, closing coil points, closing current value, current waveform.

7, Operating voltage: The machine provides DC 30 ~ 250V / 20A digital adjustable circuit breaker operating power, automatic low-voltage circuit breaker action test to measure the operating voltage of the circuit breaker.