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Conductivity, durability
Jan 12, 2018

Probe, this time is no stranger to everyone, in simple terms probe is a widely used instrument, it has applications in various fields, such as in medical, aerospace, biology, computers and other fields application. Although its size and quality is not large, but its role can not be ignored. Most people who know the probe may know the probe's structure, but its characteristics and its application is very clear? So let's take a look at its structure The company is located in:

The probe is composed of a needle, an inner tube and a spring. Because the probe in the application of great emphasis on its conductivity, durability and hardness and other characteristics of the strength, so there is a certain emphasis on the installation. Before installation, these parts should be specially electroplated, so that the probe can be said to be a suitable standard probe.

The probe is gold-plated is also pay attention to the entire needles of the need for gold-plated, including the inner wall and outer wall. The inner wall and the outer wall of all gold-plated, can be considered completed the needle tube gold-plated. Under normal circumstances, the spring is not coated, but this should be judged according to the manufacturer's design.