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Correct operation requires frequent replacement
Jan 12, 2018

The current hot wire tester used ¢ 1.0mm glow wire its front end is laser welded structure, glow wire temperature thermocouple in the use of long-term at a very high temperature, are very fragile parts, after heating the thermoelectric Even the slightest mistake in the head will be damaged, the other hot wire thermocouple itself belongs to the consumables in this experiment, need to be replaced frequently. In the process of using the following note, the correct operation of the glow wire thermocouple, you can extend the life of the thermocouple to save costs.


1. The hot tester is best to use AC power supply, to avoid temperature changes caused by voltage fluctuations.

2.U-shaped heating ring and glow wire thermocouple in the normal state gradually cooled to room temperature, immediately open the exhaust system to discharge the harmful gases in the test, the plastic material will be released after combustion of chlorine-containing gas, in the air Of the water vapor, it will immediately form a very acidic small particles, such small particles on the U-shaped heating ring and glow wire thermocouple is very corrosive.

3. When doing the test, using the method of slow temperature will be slow. In the beginning just add the current time to be slow, do not suddenly add a high temperature! This use will be longer, plus a little bit of current, do not add to 120A or higher once, 30-40A once, basically stable plus; cooling is also slowly reduce the current, do not suddenly rule to zero, Rapid thermal expansion and contraction can easily lead to U-shaped heating ring and glow wire thermocouple damage, these are non-recoverable damage, you need to re-purchase if damaged.

4. Do not immediately open the exhaust fan at the end of the test. The U-shaped heating ring and the glow wire thermocouple need to be gradually cooled under normal conditions. Any external physical cooling will cause damage to the air convection during exhaust.

5. If the need for maintenance, especially the replacement of U-shaped heating ring to pay attention to the screwed screw to re-tighten, because the heating process through a large current, any adverse effects on the current loop and the interface produces high temperature, resulting in parts damage. After changing the part, the user should pay special attention to check that all the screws are tightened. Glow wire thermocouple should be effectively inserted into the U-ring, the two should be tight fit.

6. After the end of each sample test, immediately remove the U-shaped heating ring and the contact area of the sample soot, carbon deposition in the next local temperature will be very high, this is the culprit caused by damage to the hot wire thermocouple The culprit, but do not touch the thermocouple when using and cleaning the U-ring, the overheating thermocouple is very brittle and easily broken. Also need to remove carbon deposition in the U-shaped heating ring to restore normal temperature, wipe with a soft cloth + detergent, do not use hard objects percussion.

7. Be sure to use a qualified U-shaped heating ring and glow wire thermocouple kit, glow wire thermocouple diameter is ¢ 1.0mm, the front end of the U-shaped heating ring with the temperature measuring hole tight fit, this is to protect the temperature measurement Accuracy, but also to protect the thermocouple temperature probe.

8. U-shaped heating ring and glow wire thermocouple should not be long-term work under high temperature. Need to test large quantities of samples, be sure not to take a long time continuous test, usually after each test two to three samples to stop testing, such as U-shaped heating ring to resume normal temperature before re-start the test.