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Good product quality is easy to use
Jan 12, 2018

A manufacturer wants to produce a good instrument, it must go through many processes and do a good job of every operation of the process, then the manufacturer must consider the quality of the product and the safety of the user. If the quality of the product is good, People like it, on the contrary, if it is often the case then I believe that no one will like it. These aspects must have a professional technical staff, but also need to have a cautious attitude toward the production of a pressure tester manufacturers need to do aging, current calibration, as well as the arc test and so on. How to determine the sensitivity of the voltage tester arc as much? How to choose its arc sensitivity? Shenzhen Kun Chen Technology Co., Ltd. to take you know:

Pressure tester many manufacturers, just want to improve the quality of their products, to win more customers trust will have to rack one's brains to think, both to ensure the life of products and users of peace, good quality and quantity It is very convenient to use, allowing users to work in one step, natural customers like to buy your product. This is what the customer needs to achieve when purchasing an instrument, so just do a good job in this area.

Pressure tester factory default arc sensitivity of 5 is due to our statistics, and some customers also after a long period of statistical results, that is 5 is a more acceptable figure, high sensitivity can constitute a high rate of non-performing , Does not match the decomposition of the balance, too low and can leave a long-standing concern about the quality of the product. Therefore, how to choose the sensitivity level should be based on the user's own product characteristics over time statistics, full consideration of the various factors such as the rate of non-performing rate up and down, to determine the sensitivity up and down.