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Promote standards in the field of electrical and electronic engineering
Jan 12, 2018

The purpose of IEC is to promote international cooperation in standardization and related issues in the field of electrical and electronic engineering and to promote international mutual understanding. forTo this end, the IEC publishes a variety of publications, including international standards, and expects members to use these standards in their own country's standardization efforts, to the extent permitted by their own circumstances. In the past 20 years, IEC has made considerable progress in the field of work and the size of its organization. Today's IEC member states have increased from 35 in 1960 to 60. They have 80% of the world's population and consume 95% of the world's electricity. At present, the work area of IEC has been extended to the electrical engineering of electrical, electronic, electric and microelectronics applications, communications, audiovisual, robotics, information technology, new medical devices and nuclear instrumentation by simply studying electrical equipment, terminology of motors and power issues In all aspects. The IEC standard covers 35% of the products in the world market and by the end of the century this figure can reach 50%.

IEC technical committees related to communications mainly include: TC1 terminology; TC3 documentation and graphics; TC12 radiocommunications; TC46 communications and signal transmission cables, wires, waveguides, RF connectors and accessories; CISPR Radio Interference Special Committee; TC77 Electromagnetic compatibility between electrical equipment (including networks); TC92 Security of audio, video and similar electronic equipment; TC100 audio, video and multimedia systems and equipment; TC102 equipment for mobile services and satellite communications systems; emission of TC103 radiocommunications Equipment; JTC1 / SC25 interconnection of information technology equipment; JTC1 / SC6 system of information exchange and communication.

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