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Structure to ensure the selection of the convenience of the hammer
Jan 12, 2018

Impact pneumatic hammer for the impact of the structure, for the advanced. Powder device, new products, unique. To prevent the powder in the pipeline, hopper, silo generated in the adhesion, blockage and bridging. Its use of aerodynamic principles, by adjusting the supply pressure to adjust the impact intensity. The outer wall of the equipment to fight without deformation, and has explosion-proof, widely used in chemical, fertilizer, food, ceramics, glass, cement, pharmaceuticals, plastics, fuel and other powder processing industries

Percussion pneumatic hammer percussion efforts by adjusting the supply pressure to adjust. If the tapping force is too small can not be lined up can increase the pressure, on the contrary, knocking strength is too large, the use of antihypertensive. If the customer improper choice due to the type of impact is too strong or insufficient error phenomenon, the same can also be adjusted by the air pressure to solve the hammer blow. This impact-altering structure ensures the convenience of hammer selection. Such as through the relay port connection, you can achieve several impact pneumatic hammer in series operation, while the blow. Is a clean, pollution-free, low energy consumption of the ideal clean-up equipment.

Impact pneumatic hammer installed, be sure to install the body to prevent falling off the cable, otherwise it may be due to the impact of the impact of falling damage.

1. Wear safety helmet, safety shoes and safety belt when carrying out pneumatic hammer installation work.

2. When the mounting plate is relatively thin, weld the plate. Otherwise, the mounting surface may be damaged due to impact.

3. If welded stiffener, please make sure there is no gap between stiffener and hopper, and reserve about 10mm exhaust port to facilitate the air discharge so that the impact can be fully conducted. In order to avoid the hopper in case of damage, be sure to weld several layers.

4. In order to avoid falling off, please use the cable to hoist and fix the body, otherwise the bolt may loose due to the impact and fall off.

5. When bolting the body to the flange, install a spring washer up and down and fasten it in strict accordance with the tightening torque and check regularly.

6. Equip the air filter before piping, if mixed with dust or dirt, it may result in poor operation.

7. Do not exceed the required striking force when used, as this may result in damage to the silo or installation site.

8. For continuous blow, keep the setting for more than 1 second, such as less than 1 second, may cause malfunction.

9. Confirm that the mounting surface of the mounting flange must be solid, and if necessary, weld the reinforcement

10. pneumatic hammer installation of the right place, can play its maximum performance.

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