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The best cooling and insulation equipment for cold shock test of metal
Jan 12, 2018

Testing machine is divided into chemical testing machine and physical performance testing machine, they have different functions, are used to detect whether their products conform to the standards set by the state.

Testing machine industry mainly produces the following eight types of products:

Metal Material testing machine;

Impact Tester: Used to determine the performance of metal materials under dynamic load to withstand impact, in order to determine the nature of the material under dynamic load. It is divided into manual impact tester, semi-automatic impact tester, digital impact tester and microcomputer controlled impact testing machine.

Shock Test cryogenic instrument: It is the ideal sample cooling and insulation equipment in the metal low-temperature impact test.

Impact Sample Notch broaching machine: processing sample notch, divided into impact specimen notch manual broaching, impact specimen notch hydraulic broaching machine and impact specimen notch electric broaching machines, etc.

The impact sample notch projector is used to detect whether the sample gap is qualified;

Universal testing machine: Mainly used for tensile, compression, bending and shearing test of metal and nonmetal. Test operations and data processing in line with GB GB/t 228-2010 "metal materials at room temperature tensile test method" requirements, if the change in structural form and replacement of related parts, can meet Astm,iso and other international related standards. Applicable to metallurgy, construction, light industry, aviation, aerospace, materials, tertiary institutions, scientific research units and other fields. It is divided into digital display universal testing machine, microcomputer screen display hydraulic universal testing machine, microcomputer controlled electro-hydraulic servo universal testing machine, etc.

2. Non-metallic material testing machine;

3. Force and Deformation testing instrument (Force sensor, Force measuring instrument, displacement sensor, extension meter, accelerometer, etc.);

4. Packaging and Process performance testing machine (including packaging drop tester, packaging impact testing machine, friction and wear testing machine, bending test machine, straightening machine, etc.);

5. Balancing machine (including field balance meter);

6. Shaking table (including impact platform and collision test-bed);

7. Nondestructive Testing equipment (magnetic particle flaw detection machine, X-ray flaw detector, γ-ray flaw detector, ultrasonic flaw detector, eddy current flaw detector, acoustic emission tester, etc.);

8. The test machine function accessory and the test machine related test equipment and the equipments.