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The speed of the jet is particularly important
Jan 12, 2018

A high velocity water jet from a small aperture hole acts on the material, can use its sufficient energy to carry out material cleaning, peeling, cutting, the performance of the liquid to inspire researchers in various countries to open up a new way of "water use", the kinetic energy of the water jet into the removal of material mechanical energy.

The water jet is a high speed flow beam formed by the nozzle outflow, and the velocity of the jet depends on the pressure drop in front of the nozzle exit section. Water jet is the simplest form of energy transformation and application. Usually, the power-driven pump through the water to complete a suction, discharge process, a certain amount of water pump sent to the high-pressure pipeline, so that it reaches the nozzle with some energy. The aperture of the nozzle is much smaller than the diameter of the high-pressure pipe, so the one by one quantity of water reaching the nozzle must be speeded up to discharge the nozzle hole. Thus, the water that accelerates the condensation through the nozzle hole forms a jet. A jet blow is called a jet operation on the surface of a target (workpiece). Once the jet is away from the nozzle, its condensed segment is not too long. In this respect, the velocity of the jet is particularly important. Water is pumped through the pump to obtain the pressure, the pressure first to drive the water from the pump to the nozzle, and make it at a given speed through the nozzle. During this period, the friction between the water flow and the wall formed the main pressure loss, and the water flow also formed the pressure loss due to the turbulent flow through the different shape channel.

When the jet reaches the target, the energy of the jet is transformed into the impact pressure on the surface of the desired work. It has been found that the jet flow and flow rate on the target are very important for the transition effect, which determines the jet power and the operating efficiency of the jet, while the pump controls the flow of the jet and the Nozzle outlet section area controls the velocity of the jet. Of course, the distance from the nozzle to the target, that is, the target distance, and the relative displacement velocity of the nozzle and the target, is also an important parameter affecting the jet operation.