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With a sound test system
Jan 12, 2018

With perfect testing and testing system, it can conduct comprehensive testing on PE water supply, gas pipe and silicon core pipe performance index. Hydrostatic test apparatus can simultaneously test 30 sets of samples at room temperature and high temperature hydrostatic test. Computer-controlled electronic multi-function testing machine, level 0.5. Other equipment such as melt indexers, differential thermal analyzers can perform melt index analysis and oxidation induction period determination, and so on.

XGY series of computer controlled pipe hydrostatic burst test machine, the control part of the original imported products PLC digital and signal control mode, the microcomputer, the pressure control unit, the main completion of graphics processing, data processing, data management, and in accordance with the instructions in accordance with the pressure rate Control of hydraulic system to achieve the target pressure, the entire system using hydraulic principles, mechatronics control, is a completely airless hydrostatic burst test machine to avoid the use of gas-driven hydraulic pump caused by the start of the gas source noise.

Microcomputer controlled electronic tensile testing machine applies computer to measure and control the test parameters. It can measure and control the test parameters of rubber, plastic profile, plastic pipe, sheet, sheet, waterproof material, wire and cable, textile, net rope, non-woven Materials and metal wire, metal foil, sheet metal and metal rods and other materials for tensile, compression, bending, shearing, stripping, tearing and other mechanical tests. Can simultaneously measure the tensile strength, yield strength, elongation and force-displacement curve. Widely used in plastic rubber, petrochemicals, vehicle manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, textile, building materials, home appliances and other industries of material analysis and testing.