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Work environment to ensure dry clean non-polluting
Jan 12, 2018

Tensile testing machine after purchase, in the transport and installation process, there are many aspects to be noted. Now many formal manufacturers to provide a sound logistics services, can provide technical personnel to go to the customer company for installation and commissioning. After completion, the client is taught to use it.

So what are some of the problems we need to be aware of during installation?

Tensile testing Machine Installation considerations:

Flatness of the ground

1, in the installation of tensile testing machine to ensure that the test machine installed ground level, preferably cement or tile land. If the choice of installation site potholes uneven, will affect the installation of the test machine, and even affect the test results.

2, the test machine after installation, to be all kinds of accessories and random tools to put the classification, so as to facilitate the search and use. In particular, a variety of test machine fixture, only reasonable placement, to ensure that the test machine measurement results.

3, the test machine in the work environment to ensure that dry clean non-polluting, so as to avoid environmental adverse impact on the internal line of equipment damage, resulting in unexpected events.

4, the tensile testing machine before the power, to ensure that the power supply voltage in line with the requirements of the voltage value, while the plug inserted with a protective grounding power sockets, to ensure its safety.

5, tensile testing machine must pay attention to adjust the star limit switch, to protect the role of the sensor.

6, tensile testing machine temperature and humidity have strict requirements, so in the installation of the time to ensure that the ambient temperature of 10-35 degrees Celsius, humidity <80%rh, without corrosive media and electromagnetic interference.

If the test equipment needs to be relocated due to relocation or other reasons, the following principles should also be followed during the handling process.

Handling Precautions:

1, tensile testing machine before handling, staff to ensure that each part of the integrity, check all the tools are complete, if found missing, should be completed in time.

2, to ensure the tensile testing machine internal sensors and other precision devices, in the process of handling, must not collide with each other, so as to avoid the damage of precision devices.

3, the main engine housing plate is aluminum profile, can not be load-bearing, to ensure that in the transport is not heavy pressure.

4, with long-distance transportation, should have packaging, lest damp.