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Automatic End Test, Easy To Operate
Jan 12, 2018

The fully automatic test machine is to test the fireproof situation of the insulator or the covered body according to the standard requirements. The device has the advantages of accuracy, automatic timing, automatic end test and simple and convenient operation. Fuel, gas, methane.

When the fire around the product should be ensured that it does not cause the combustion spread, the horizontal-vertical combustion test is the simulation of electrical and electronic products surrounding the ignition of the early situation, using simulation technology to assess the fire risk. The test equipment is applicable to parts, parts and components of electrical and electronic products, such as: wire and cable, insulating shell of household appliances, switch panel, printed circuit board and insulating material.

The tester is composed of the test part and the control part, which is designed by the split body to facilitate on-site installation and commissioning. The casing and important parts of the test case are made of stainless steel, which is resistant to smoke and gas corrosion. The control system has high automation degree, time digital display, convenient observation and record, and stable and reliable use.

⑴ combustion count counter is used to preset the number of burns, the red key to the "reset" button.

⑵ combustion time is controlled by time controller, can set working time according to need, units are s (seconds), M (minutes), H (hours), such as set 00s01 0.01 seconds, 15s00 15 seconds, 10m00 10 minutes (reference time relay instruction) The setting of the stop time with the burning time setting. can also be used for manual control of burning time.

The ⑶ power switch is the overall power switch of the control box.

⑷ conversion switch in use, can be selected according to the actual needs of manual or automatic, when in the manual state, you must use a stopwatch another time, to reach the test hours after pressing the reset switch can be a ceasefire, if the automatic state can refer to the 2nd set time.