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Ensure A High Absorption Sensitivity And Determination Of Precision
Jan 12, 2018

Burner, is to make the fuel and air in a certain manner, mixed combustion device collectively. Burner by type and application areas of industrial burners, burners, civil burners, special burners several. Multi-use stainless steel or titanium and other corrosion-resistant, high temperature materials. The role of the burner is to atomize the sample by flame combustion. The atomized test solution enters the burner and undergoes processes of drying, melting, evaporation and dissociation under the action of flame temperature and flame atmosphere to generate a large amount of ground state atoms and partially excited state atoms, ions and molecules. A well-designed burner should have a high atomization efficiency, low noise, flame stable performance, in order to ensure a higher absorption sensitivity and determination of precision. Atomic absorption spectroscopy commonly used slit burner to produce atomic vapors. Depending on the type of gas and co-gas used, the length and width of the burner gap are different, and the burner is usually marked with a suitable gas and combustion gas.