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Small Size, Light Weight, Easy To Carry
Jan 12, 2018

The leakage Protector Tester is mainly used to test the leakage current of the leakage protector, leakage of current and leakage action time, test current for 0-500ma divided into 10, time test Range 0-799ms,16 character blue screen LCD display, the tester for hand-held, small size, light weight, easy to carry, is a variety of leakage protector on-site or indoor testing of the best test instrument.

Leakage protection Transformer normal operation, flow through the coil current two-way same, in the opposite direction, in the iron core induction of the magnetic field synthesis vector is zero, therefore, secondary will not induction output voltage, and with the primary current size independent. Once the current on the two lines is different, for example, a line is leaking or human contact with the FireWire electric shock, this current will not flow to the transformer coil, but bypass the transformer, directly back to the power transformer. At this point, the secondary of the transformer has the output voltage, this voltage can be used to trigger the talk body, stop power, Make short circuit stop. To achieve the purpose of protecting personal or equipment accidents. Usually, this current demand is not too big, can not say that people are electrocuted casualties, protection is still no action. Therefore, this current is usually in the range of dozens of MA. The current is too large, the protection sensitivity is lower, but also reliable and practical, The opposite result is dangerous! And this current is not the less the better, because even if the line is normal, it is difficult to ensure that there is absolutely no leakage of current, do not even the normal utility will trigger protection.Therefore, the installation of debugging personnel to be based on the scene, the debugging set up appropriate current protection values. Under the premise of normal use, the action sensitivity or higher for good ferent from those used in current measurement. The main difference is that the core or core characteristics of its use are different, plainly. It has a particularly high sensitivity to small currents, while the large current response to measurements is no longer linear to maintain sensitivity and increase output. This kind of characteristic is specially suitable for the leakage protection use. A wide range of electrical leakage protection coil.