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The Current Should Be Reduced In Time After Each Use
Jan 12, 2018

1, glow wire testing machine users must be regulated power supply, or because of voltage fluctuations over the General Assembly affect the temperature changes.

2, the thermocouple only for the test calibration temperature, the school is good, make a mark in the ammeter for the next test until the temperature dropped to room temperature, the thermocouple should be carefully extracted from the glow wire and then start do experiments.

3, glowing wire should not long-term work under high temperature, so as not to shorten the life of the thermocouple, the current should be reduced in time after each use, and cut off the power.

4, after each test, should clean the combustion chamber in the case of power failure, and be careful not to hit the thermocouple and glow wire.

5, the user can use the exhaust fan to exhaust the exhaust gas generated during combustion after the test is completed, but do not turn on the fan during the test so as not to affect the test result.

6, if you need repair, especially glowing wire