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The Jet Compactness Is Good And The Diffusion Angle Can Change In A Large Range
Jan 12, 2018

The nozzle is the high pressure water jet occurrence device's execution element, its function is through the nozzle internal hole cross section contraction, will the high-pressure water pressure can gather, and transforms into the kinetic energy, finally takes the high speed water jet the form outward, uses for the material to carry on the cleaning, the crushing or the cutting.

Nozzle type, according to the shape of the cylindrical nozzle, fan-shaped nozzle, abnormity nozzle, etc., according to the number of holes have a single hole nozzle, porous nozzle, nozzle type, according to the pressure of low-pressure nozzle, high-pressure nozzle, ultra-high pressure nozzle. This section describes the type of nozzle, sorted by shape.

(1) Cylindrical nozzle This kind of nozzle is developed on the basis of conical convergent nozzle, and it is the most commonly used continuous water jet nozzle at present.

(2) fan-shaped nozzle fan-shaped nozzle directly from the shape of the nozzle to produce flat uniform flat jet. Its jet compactness is good, the diffusion angle can also change in a large range, and its industrial application varies according to the flow rate, the jet and the Inkstone cover. The cleaning area of the fan nozzle is much larger than that of the cylindrical nozzle, which is used successfully in the concrete punching operation. Because of the extreme diffusion of jet, the energy of jet and the pressure loss of the blow, it is often necessary to have high pressure in actual use. The structure of the high-pressure fan nozzle is shown in Fig.