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Using Manual, Automatic Test Methods
Jan 12, 2018

Melt Index Tester FR-1811A is used to determine the melt flow rate MFR of various polymers in the state of viscous flow, which is suitable for the engineering of polycarbonate, polyarylsulfone, fluoroplastic and nylon with high melting temperature Plastic is also suitable for testing low melting temperature plastic such as polyethylene (PE), polystyrene (PS), polypropylene (PP), ABS resin, POM, PC resin etc. Applied to plastic production, plastic products, petrochemical and other industries and related institutions, research institutes and commodity inspection departments.

1, single-phase power outlet must have a grounding wire hole, and reliable grounding.

2, if abnormal display on the LCD, press the reset button, reset the test temperature, and start working.

3, normal work, if the furnace temperature is greater than 450 ℃, the software protection, interrupt heating, and alarm.

4, anomalies, such as can not control temperature, can not display, etc., should be shut down for maintenance

5, cleaning the piston rod, you can not scratch with hard objects.

6 test, the first cylinder heated to reach the desired test temperature, the piston rod is pulled out of the center hole in the cylinder filled with a sample (plastic particles or powder), with a tool after compaction, and then the piston The rod is put in until the sample melts, a weight is applied to the top of the piston rod, and the molten sample is extruded through the die capillary.

1, heating speed, ultra-small amount of overshoot.

2, high temperature accuracy

3, after the filler, can quickly restore the temperature state.

4, can be manual, automatic test methods.

5, test parameters calibration and easy to amend.

6, with a printer.

7, the machine is at the leading domestic level.