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Test Equipment

  • Covering Scratch Test Machine

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    Covering Scratch Test Machine

    Covering Scratch Test Machine Product details: Model ZLT-GC1. To determine the adherence and the durability of protective coverings on printed circuit board and of insulating layers on accessible hazardous parts or metal parts,according to IEC60950 figure 2K and clause...Read More

  • Flexible Cable Flexing Tester

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    Flexible Cable Flexing Tester

    Flexible Cables Flexing Tester Product details: Model ZLT-QL1. This Tester is checking mechanical strength of completed flexible cables. This test does not apply to flexible cables with cores of nominal cross-sectional area greater than 4㎜2,nor to cables having more than 18...Read More

  • Switch Testing Machine

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    Switch Testing Machine

    Switch Test ing Machine Product details:Model ZLT-SW To test switches having rated resistive-load currents up to 16 A, for household and similar purposes- at room temperature- concerning their breaking capacity and their capability to withstand the stresses occurring in...Read More

  • Plug And Socket Test Machine

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    Plug And Socket Test Machine

    Plug and Socket Endurance Test Machine Product detail: ZLT-CS1 To test plugs and socket-outlets, cable couplers and appliance couplers having rated currents up to 16 A, for household and similar purposes at room temperature-concerning their breaking capacity and their...Read More

  • Tracking Index Tester

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    Tracking Index Tester

    Tracking Tester Product details:Model ZLT-LDQ1: The ZLT Tracking Tester is a fully automatic instrument contained in its own cabinet to maximize the safety of the operator. Inside the well lit cabinet, a test specimen is placed on a glass plate and two platinum electrodes are...Read More

  • Needle Flame Burner

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    Needle Flame Burner

    Needle Flame Burner Product details:Model ZLT-ZY2. The ZLT Needle Flame Tester is a fully automatic instrument contained in its own cabinet to maximize the safety of the operator. The Needle Flame Tester consists of a Ф0.9mm needle burner that tilts to 45° from the vertical...Read More

  • Glow Wire Tester

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    Glow Wire Tester

    Glow Wire Tester: Product details :Model ZLT-GTR: The device is designed to carry out fire hazard testing on electrotechnical products in accordance with the provisions of International standards. The control unit is supplied with all the controls and metering necessary to...Read More

  • Horizontal Vertical Flame Tester

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    Horizontal Vertical Flame Tester

    Horizontal Vertical Flame Tester Product details:Model ZLT-UL94: The ZLT Horizontal-Vertical Flame Chamber Tester is a fully automatic instrument contained in its own cabinet to maximize the safety of the operator. It screening procedure for comparing the relative burning...Read More

  • Single Vertical Insulated Wire Flame Chamber Tester

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    Single Vertical Insulated Wire Flame Chamber Tester

    Single Vertical Insulated Wire Flame Chamber Tester Product details: Model ZLT-BS1 This apparatus is for testing the resistance to vertical flame propagation for a single vertical electrical insulated conductor or cable, or optical fibre cable. SPECIFICATIONS Time for flame...Read More

  • Ball Pressure Tester

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    Ball Pressure Tester

    Ball Pressure Tester Product details:Model ZLT-QY1. The ZLT Ball Pressure Tester is used for testing parts of non-metallic materials for resistance to heat. It is applicable to electrotechnical equipment, its subassemblies and components, and to solid electrical insulating...Read More

  • Spring Operated Impact Hammer

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    Spring Operated Impact Hammer

    Spring Operated Impact Hammer Required by many Standards to test the mechanical integrity of product enclosures. After applying the impact with the hammer, the product is examined with accessibility probes to determine access to shock, energy, and injury hazards. Built in...Read More

  • Socket Outlet Torque Balance

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    Socket Outlet Torque Balance

    Socket Outlet Torque Balance Product details: Model ZLT-LJ2 For measuring and testing the torque strain exerted by appliances with plug pins on socket-outlets, in accordance with IEC60065 clause 15.4.1 and figure 11, IEC60335-1 clause 22.3, IEC60884-1 clause 14.23.2. The...Read More

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