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Tumbling Barrel Laboratory Test Equipment For Pad Product

For testing the mechanical strength of pads,according to IEC60335-2-17 figure 107 and clause 21.107.

Moisture Proof Appliances Impact Laboratory Equipment

For impact testing enclosures of moisture-proof appliances,according to IEC60335-2-17 figure 108 and clause 21.109.

Microwave Oven Door Endurance Test Equipment

The equipment is used to check the door system, including the hinges, microwave seals and other associated parts,...

6 Impact Energies Adjustable Impact Hammer Tester

Spring Operated Impact Hammer is required by many Standards to test the mechanical integrity of product enclosures....

Insulating Tape Flame Tester

Model: ZLT-BS2
This apparatus is  for testing the resistance to flame propagation for a insulating...

Power Cable Testing Equipment

Power Cable Testing Equipment is checking mechanical strength of completed flexible cables. This test does not apply...

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